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Filebob - File Sharing And Storage Platform (SAAS Ready) - 1 Filebob - File Sharing And Storage Platform (SAAS Ready) - 2 Filebob - File Sharing And Storage Platform (SAAS Ready) - 3 Filebob - File Sharing And Storage Platform (SAAS Ready) - 4 Filebob - File Sharing And Storage Platform (SAAS Ready) - 5 Filebob - File Sharing And Storage Platform (SAAS Ready) - 6

Filebob is a file-sharing and storage platform, for single or multiple files. You can add files easily by dragging and dropping them anywhere or clicking. upload progress is visible and intuitive and uploaded files can be previewed or downloaded and every file uploaded will have a specific URL that can share anywhere. the interface is completely responsive and easy to use, and the script has a SAAS version with pricing plans that you can set from the admin panel so you can start earning money from your customer’s subscriptions.

Frontend Features

Great user interfaces responsive and compatible with all devices with new features.

  • Responsive design : Responsive design and compatible with all devices.
  • New home page: The design of the home page is now more professional and responsive.
  • Optimize ad placements: New and improved ads on all pages (blog, download, home, etc…)
  • Multilanguage : Now you can translate your website into more than 100+ different languages.
  • Upload files : Uploading files from home page and file manager.
  • Improved Upload box: We’ve improved the upload box and added new features.
  • File Protection : Users can now protect their files with a password.
  • File expiration time : Easily set file expiration time through upload box.
  • Chunk upload: Upload large files easily by chunking them
  • Preview links: Get a preview link for files when uploading images or PDF.
  • Blog : New blog layout with comments added.
  • Contact & FAQ pages: In addition to the presence of the contact form and FAQ on the main page, there is a special page for each of them.
  • New authentication pages : Authentication pages are more professional.
  • Email verification: Confirm the email for each new user and can be activated or disabled from the control panel.
  • User Account
    • Subscription: View subscription details and transactions, with the possibility to upgrade or renew the subscription.
    • Notifications: The user receives notifications about the status of a subscription when it is nearing expiry or complete expiry.
    • File manager
      • New design : New and smoother design.
      • Uploading files: Easily upload files without going back to the home page.
      • Easily manage files : Manage files easily with the new file manager.
      • File sharing : Share files by generating links.
      • Renaming and deleting : Rename or delete files temporarily or permanently.
      • File Protection Control : Make the file private or public with password set.
    • Settings
      • Account Details : Editing personal details including name, email and address.
      • Change Password : Changing the account password.
      • Two-Factor authentication : Account protection by enabling two-factor authentication.
  • Download page
    • New design: Redesign of the file download page with the improved placement of ads.
    • Hot links protection : Protect hot links by disabling access to them.
    • File Shares : Improved file sharing method and added Sharing buttons
    • Report files : Improved file reporting form.
    • File preview : The ability to preview image or PDF files.
    • Articles and additional texts: Articles appear on the download page with the ability to add other texts from the admin panel.

Backend Features

Now as admin you will be able to control your website easily with our new admin panel and features.

  • Dashboard: View your site statistics, users, earnings, uploads, etc…
  • Users: Manage your site users, control their accounts, and view all their activities.
  • Uploads: Manage the uploads of files on your site, whether the uploads of users or guests.
  • Reported Files: Protect your site by reviewing files reported by users or visitors.
  • Subscriptions : Easily manage subscriptions for your site users.
  • Transactions: Manage your users’ transactions and review your site’s earnings.
  • Pricing Plans : Create and edit your subscription plans for your site.
  • Coupons : Create coupon codes to boost your site’s earnings.
  • Advertisements : Increase your earnings by adding advertisements to your site.
  • Navigation : Easily manage and control your site navigations.
  • Blog: Increase your site’s ranks in search engines by adding articles to your site’s blog.
  • Settings
    • General : Manage your website general settings.
    • Upload : Control the upload settings in your website.
    • Storage : Manage and set your website storage.
    • SMTP : Edit and update your SMTP information.
    • Pages : Create and update your website pages.
    • Admins : Add and update your website admins.
    • Extensions : Enable or disable your website extensions.
    • Languages : Add and update your website languages or translate.
    • Mail Templates : Manage your website mail templates.
    • SEO Configurations : Create and manage your SEO configurations.
    • Payment Gateways : Manage your website payment gateways.
    • Taxes : Manage your website taxes for every country.
  • Extra Features
    • PopUp Notice: Post an announcement or alert on all pages of your site using the popup notice.
    • Custom CSS: Change the look of your site by adding CSS codes.
  • Addons Manager : Control the add-ons installed on your site.
  • Clear Cache : Delete your site cache when making any modifications.
  • Manage sections
    • Slide Show: Control your website slideshow and upload an image or video slide.
    • Home Features : Add or edit site features on the home page.
    • Home FAQ : Add or edit site FAQ.
    • Download Page: Add texts or instructions to the file download page of your site.


  • Server Requirements
    • PHP 8.1x
    • Operating System : Linux or Windows
    • Shared, VPS or Dedicated Server
    • MySql: 5.7+
  • Required Upgrades
    • Enabling of allow_url_fopen
    • Increasing of max_execution_time
    • Increasing of max_input_time
    • Increasing of post_max_size
    • Increasing of memory_limit
    • Increasing of upload_max_filesize
  • PHP Extensions
    • BCMath PHP Extension
    • Ctype PHP Extension
    • Fileinfo PHP Extension
    • JSON PHP Extension
    • Mbstring PHP Extension
    • OpenSSL PHP Extension
    • PDO PHP Extension
    • pdo_mysql PHP Extension
    • Tokenizer PHP Extension
    • XML PHP Extension
    • cURL PHP Extension
    • GD PHP Extension

What’s Included

  • Script Files : All script files open source.
  • Documentation: How to install on Cpanel, with full instructions.

Note! We are not required to provide the installation instructions for each server there is 1000+ server provider over the internet

Demo And Documentation

  • Frontend
  • Admin access details
  • Documentation
  • News And Updates


    Version 1.8
    [UPDATE] Upload and download functions updated
    [UPDATE] Updated chunks delete cron command
    [UPDATE] Addons system updated
    [UPDATE] Admin panel design updated
    [FIX] Installation requirements problem fixed
    [FIX] Addons upload error fixed
    [FIX] Stripe payment error fixed
    [FIX] Razorpay payment error fixed
    Version 1.7
    [NEW] IDM Supported
    [NEW] Google Analytics 4 Added
    [NEW] Option To Remove Language Code From URL
    [NEW] Mollie Payment Gateway Added
    [NEW] Razorpay Payment Gateway Added
    [NEW] Admin Dashboard Login Statistics
    [FIX] Stripe Payment Error
    [FIX] Taxes Error
    [FIX] CSS issues
    Version 1.6
    [FIX] Stripe payment error and PayPal currency problem
    [FIX] Slideshow problem and sharing modal problem
    [FIX] Installation error in some servers
    [UPDATE] Checkout code and upload functions
    Version 1.5
    [NEW] PHP 8.1x Supported
    [NEW] Laravel upgrade to the last version 
    [UPDATE] Changing the file manager to a simple and unique one like the old versions
    [UPDATE] Adding statistics and chart to the user dashboard
    Version 1.4
    [NEW] A completely new and improved version
    Version 1.3
    [NEW] Hotlink protection / Disabling direct download.
    [UPDATE] Download URL more dynamic /
    [FIX] File renamed problem fixed / By adding string to the original name.
    [UPDATE] Max file size changed / Converted by size.
    [NEW] All file extensions are allowed.
    [NEW] Ability to change waiting time from admin panel.
    [NEW] Ability to change and adding file icons from the admin panel.
    [NEW] Ability to change colors from the admin panel.
    [NEW] Ability to add User or Admin on admin panel.
    [NEW] New home page design /  SEO friendly and Full control in the admin panel.
    [NEW] Adding blog posts/solution for Adsense approval.
    [UPDATE] Ads places and sizes have been changed.
    [FIX] Fixing scroll down problem.
    [NEW] Adding report link on download page.
    Version 1.2
    [NEW] Backblaze integration
    [FIX] Fixing large file download
    [FIX] Fixing errors on admin panel
    [FIX] Amazon download error fixed
    [FIX] Wasabi download error fixed
    Version 1.1
    [NEW] Adding copy button
    [NEW] Adding waiting time on download button
    [FIX] Fixing some errors
    Version 1.0
    - Initial Release

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    Extended License, Free, Standard License

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