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Discover the Future of Garment Management with Garments ERP Apparel Industrial Garments ERP Software

Welcome to the world of Garments ERP , where precision meets efficiency in the garments and apparel industry. Our tailored Enterprise Resource Planning software is your key to streamlining and optimizing every facet of clothing and textile management.

Our Garments ERP keeps you in control by offering real-time insights into raw materials, fabric management, production progress, and finished products. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and waste, and welcome efficient quality management.

It aids in planning production schedules, resource allocation, and order monitoring, leading to optimized production processes and reduced lead times. Your operations become smoother, more efficient, and more cost-effective.

With Garments ERP, you can process buyer orders with ease, from entry to fulfillment and delivery. It ensures accuracy and punctuality, satisfying your customers and bolstering your market reputation. Efficient supplier management guarantees a steady supply chain, reducing production delays and boosting your competitive edge.

Our software doesn’t stop at production – it’s equipped with financial modules that manage accounts payable, receivable, cost tracking, and budget management. It empowers you to make informed financial decisions and generates reports to aid in your strategic planning.

Garments ERP offers apparel businesses heightened operational efficiency, reduced costs, greater customer satisfaction, and sharper decision-making capabilities. It’s your essential tool for thriving in the fast-paced and ever-evolving garment industry. Step into the future with Garments ERP and see the difference for yourself.”


What You Get :

Key Features:

  • Access real-time company data from the dashboard.
Order Management
  • Create orders for buyers, including Booking, Budget, Costing, Sample, Production, and Shipments.
Manage Inventory
  • Create Accessory Units and Accessories.
  • Place accessory orders with suppliers.
User Management

  • Administer user accounts and assign roles.
Bank & Accounts
  • Conduct financial transactions.
  • Access Bank Accounts, Cash in Hand, Cheques, Income, Expense, Credit Voucher, Debit Voucher, Monthly Transactions, Daily Transactions, Party Ledger, and Daily Cashbook.
Party List

  • Create and manage two types of parties: Suppliers and Buyers.
  • Purchase accessories from Suppliers.
  • Sell orders to Buyers.
HRM Management

  • Define designations and manage employee data.
  • Handle full or partial salary payments.
Party Due List
  • Monitor dues for parties (Suppliers and Buyers).
  • Process payments to Suppliers.
  • Receive payments from Buyers.
Loss Profit
  • Analyze the company’s financial situation.
  • Review expenses, incomes, and the overall Loss/Profit.
  • Generate Order, Transactions, Production, Sales, and Purchase Reports.

  • Configure Currency settings.
  • Manage Notifications.
  • Update core system settings.
  • Adjust website settings.
Roles, Permissions & Others
  • Control user visibility and permissions.

  • Admin Panel Source Code
  • Documentation
        Version 1.1 ( 08/02/2024 )
        Fixed: Default currency update issue fixed.
        NOTE: Replace app folder only.
        Version 1.0.0
        Initial Release

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